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About Us
  • Who is RealTime Medical Equipment?

    RealTime Medical Equipment Services is in the business of purchasing used surplus medical equipment from hospitals and surgical centers worldwide.

    Healthcare facilities agree that the managing and disposing of used medical equipment is a low priority. Since no two hospitals or surgical facilities are alike, there is no one process or solution that works for every facility. RealTime Medical Equipment will take the time to provide a personalized solution for all of our customers, regardless of the size of the project

    In addition, RealTime Medical Equipment offers specialized services to our contracted customers:

    • Provide a turn-key solution for our customers
    • Experienced asset management team will coordinate every stage of the process
    • Global marketing programs specifically targets available equipment
    • Implement a combination of disposition strategies to market and sell your equipment.
    • Fully coordinate asset removal
    • Complete detailed reporting and fund transfer documentation

  • Mission Statement

    To assist healthcare facilities in maximizing the return on surplus assets while minimizing costs from procuring refurbished equipment through our extensive knowledge and network of medical equipment. We are a community-based global company that is deeply rooted in environmentally friendly practices.

  • Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

    While many other countries are in need of medical equipment, there are clinics and facilities located here in the United States that are in need of good equipment, but don't have the budget to buy it brand new. We are developing an ever-growing list of local buyers and facilities that contact us with what they need, and we, in turn, canvas our resources to see if we can fill those needs.

    However, RealTime Medical Equipment’s end users can be found all over the world. Whether it is a doctor who supports and volunteers at a clinic in Argentina, or an administrator who oversees a hospital in New Guinea, buyers from around the world turn to the U.S. for their medical equipment purchases. RealTime Medical Equipment will be there to help them as well.

    It is a win-win scenario: hospitals and facilities with surplus inventory get the best value for their equipment while freeing up limited storage space - and clinics, hospitals and doctors all over the world are now able to provide better health care by purchasing used equipment at a reduced cost.

  • Always Green

    RealTime Medical Equipment prides itself in giving used medical equipment a new life. Whether equipment is refurbished or sold as-is, used medical equipment can serve a purpose for another facility in need. But if the equipment has reached end of it's functional life, it is scrapped and the materials are recycled. Nothing ends up in a landfill - and everything is handled with professional respect for the planet.

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