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Realtime Medical Equipment, Inc. , based on Long Island, New York, is in the business of purchasing gently used and unwanted equipment from local hospitals and institutions, evaluating it, and then either sell it for salvage or, more importantly, pass it on to a licensed and insured broker for resale. The broker ensures that the equipment passes all safety and health codes, and then resells it to other institutions that can benefit from this reclaimed technology.

Not every hospital in the world has an unlimited budget; they can only afford used equipment, or none at all. Our company is part of the global solution that manages surplus equipment, so instead of medical equipment ending up in a landfill, it is instead reclaimed and used elsewhere for the benefit of many in areas where it is greatly needed.

We also will combine lots of similar equipment from various sources, and from this larger lot create complete sets of equipment. Many units are useless unless they have all the necessary accessories, cables and connections. Our warehouse staff is trained to recognize and combine components to build a complete set from our inventory. It makes more sense to reclaim one whole unit and scrap out a partial rather than scrap out two incomplete units.

We are currently upgrading our site, so please bear with us as we continue to improve our business based on what our customers need. Feel free to browse around, or call us if you have any questions.

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